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Donation to this trust is exempted U/S. 80G (5) of IncomeTax Act. 1956
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[A]      Work for immortal memory of major Rushikesh
Major Rushikesh Ramani has sacrificed his life while fighting against the terrorism in the border of Kashmir. It is one of the main objects of this trust to keep his memory always alive in the hearts of the people of Gujarat and whole country. To develop love for nation in the hearts of coming generations and the youth in particular and inspire them to worship the country by joining the Indian Army. These are the main objectives of this trust which will be achieved through the following activities.
[1] Plan different programmes on the martyrdom anniversary and remembrance of Shahid Major Rushikesh such as Viranjali, Smaranjali, prayer meeting, lectures by special orators and experts, Satsang, etc., and to plan proper advertisement and marketing of such programmes.
[2] Make arrangements for competition of patriotic songs, patriotic paintings, essay writing competition, etc., for children, students and public at large.


[1] Appreciate and award the members of the Indian Army, para-military and police forces, who have sacrificed their lives during the war or during the period of peace and those who have shown extraordinary bravery and saved the lives of other citizens. Also to introduce such personalities to the society, see that such personnel or thier families gets financial assistance and help and appropriately undertake work for this purpose.
[2] Provide information, guidance and inspiration to the students to join Sainik School and to make the parents aware in this regard. The Sainik school students who achieve higher ranks in studies, games and other school activites will be given assistance through awards, scholarships and prizes in the name of Major Rushikesh Ramani. Formulate scheme by the board of trustees for such awards, scholarships and prizes and to undertake such activities.
[3] Make arrangements for seminars, camps, workshop, etc., to give information, guidance and inspiration to the young boys and girls of Gujarat to join different military services and to impart training to those who are having interest in such services.
[4] For this purpose, in future, if any plot of land is made available either from the Government or Municipal Corporation or Nagar Palika or Panchayat or any other Government, semi-Government or local self government or any private donor or private instituton or in any other manner, whatsoever, then to establish and run one English Medium Sainik School in the name of Shahid Major Rushikesh through mediation of this trust and also to establish permanent training centre and coaching centre for the trainees and staff coming from outside , etc. To establish hostel facilities for such parties in order to impart training and guidance to maximum number of students to join National Defence Academy [NDA], Combined Defence Services [CDS] and prepare for Services Selection Board [SSB].
[5] To frame schemes and rules by the trustee board to render assistance to financially weak students by way of financial assistance in the form of scholarships, providing books and fees for education purpose.


  Over and above the aforesaid objects, this trust will undertake the following activities either by itself or through other institution having such common objectives.
 [1] To give financial assistance to poor patients for the purpose of medical treatment, medicines, operation, etc., and to arrange medical camp in that regard, to arrange blood donation camp, to arrange programme for getting rid from bad habits and to make arrangement of the activities relating to such works which may be useful to the financially weak class of the society.
 [2] To provide essential commodities, items, food, water or medical assistance to the needy persons in any part of the country at the time of natural calamity.
 [3]  To plan activities for development of persons who have remained socially and financially backward in the society so that their social and financial developments could be improved and to undertake activities related to culture, child and women development.
 [4] To undertake work which may create the feeling of unity, co-operation, equality, etc., in the society.
 [5] To develop the attitude which may create national character, social awareness, which may unite the society and bring the attitude towards culture, knowledge, science, skill, etc.
 [6] To undertake the activities for development of love, affection towards every life of animal, bird, etc., and to run other consequential activities for protection and development of environment at the same time.
 [7] To undertake activities which may create the spiritual, religious values in the society.
 [8] To run necessary institutions for the purpose of achievement of aforesaid objectives and to render assistance to other institutions having such common objectives and to co-operate with other trusts or institution having such similar objects and to get affiliated with such trusts.
 [9] Aforesaid activities will be carried out for achieving the aforesaid objectives without any type of discrimination while keeping in view the large feeling of welfare of every one. Aforesaid objectives will be interpreted in a broad sense as per the requirements arising from time to time and same will be implemented.


 [1]    For all or any one of the objectives of the trust, it will be open for the trust to join the Central or State Government or local self government or municipal corporation or Nagar Palika or any society, trust, association as per the scheme of the Government and to undertake any such activities for the purpose of any one or all of the aforesaid objectives and to implement the same as per the scheme framed by the board of trustees accordingly.
 [2]   Aforesaid objectives will be achieved under the B.P.T. Act, 1950 or any other law for the time being in force.
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